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The Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori method is based upon the observations and discoveries of the first female Italian physician, Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952).

Her early work in psychiatry and interest in education and educational theory lead her to question the prevailing educational methods of the time, and her work with young children provided the basis for the formulation of educational materials and classroom setting that encouraged children’s natural process of learning.

Montessori believed that the role of the teacher is to prepare and arrange the classroom to inspire voluntary inquiry, and to help children understand how to learn and to do on his or her own.

Our Montessori school follows Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy, providing children with a prepared learning environment that helps them to think, organize, and to observe, skills that will be carried with them throughout their schooling and beyond.

Our History

1971: A group of parents founded the Montessori Children's School in Westlake, Ohio, beginning with thirty-seven students.
Throughout the decade, enrollment increased to over one hundred (100) students.
Addition of a third pre-primary class
1981: The school moves to Bay Village and is renamed the Bay Village Montessori School
1987: Music, Art, Spanish, and Physical Education programming is added to the curriculum
1991: The Enrichment Care program is opened, providing before and after school care for students
Addition of a Toddler program, a fourth Pre-Primary classroom, and obtained accreditation to operate an Elementary school classroom able to accommodate grades first through fifth
2003: The school moves back to Westlake and restores the original name of Montessori Children's School
Addition of an afternoon Pre-Primary class
2008: Opening of a new building on campus, providing three new classrooms for the school
2014: Construction of greenhouse facility and creation of new Botany and Science curriculums
2016: Installation of a unique and wonderful Natural Playscape for our children
2021: MCS now enrolling for elementary grades 1,2 and 3
2021: Remodeled the MCS library